Imagine Your Home Totally Organized

Clutter has a way of controlling us, especially these days as we spend more time at home. What if there were a way to not only tame that clutter but turn it into a showpiece?

It’s a reality for many homeowners, says Jamie Trewartha, co-owner of Closets by Design Chicago North. His team specializes in storage and organizational systems for every part of the home, and while closets are by far their biggest request, their work can be found most anyplace in the home.

Office spaces have been a hot commodity this year as children do remote learning and parents work from home. A custom system that combines shelves, drawers, cabinets and desk space in a stylish finish accounts for a multitude of uses.

Multipurpose is the new buzzword, and it’s especially apparent in the garage, which is quickly becoming a secondary entertainment space. Cabinetry, countertops and wall-hanging accessories get things organized, while a special DesignFloor system brings some color, fun and protection onto the floor.

“When people see it for themselves, they always say, ‘That’s what I want,’” Trewartha says.
Customized storage systems are as varied as each client’s home, and with 25 color options at Closets by Design, the choices are endless. One of the most popular styles this year is the Brio textured white. It’s an all-white finish that has the look and feel of real wood. The effect is alluring for a minor price increase, says Trewartha. New Bluetooth-powered LED options make it easier than ever to illuminate nooks and crannies.

Closets by Design has 25 experienced designers on staff, and Trewartha estimates they’re within a 15-minute drive of any home in the western suburbs. Their free consultation starts with a walk-through of the space and includes measurements, a conversation about budget, a custom design and lots of recommendations. In one visit, clients can sign a contract and set an installation date, if they like.

The Closets by Design team puts a premium on customer service and ensuring each client is happy with the final results.

Because every system is custom-manufactured in the Chicago area, it’s easy to add shelving or other accessories any time.

“My business partner, Paul Paluch, and I come from an environment where customer service is really important,” says Trewartha, who assumed the 20-year-old franchise last spring. “We understand the meaning behind getting back to a customer in a timely manner, keeping promises you’re making to them, and making sure if there’s an issue with anything we’re on it right away.” ❚

For a consultation, contact Closets by Design Chicago North at (630) 501-0190 (mention SLK).